Born into a family with weight-lifting traditions, Kennykittycat doesn't follow his family route & has put his soul into ballet. Despite the muscular gene, he is a soft & light-hearted ballerino at the Circus of Weirdos.

Da thịt cuồn cuộn ẩn chứa tâm hồn mong manh. Cơ dzú cứng đờ bảo quản trái tim dễ vỡ. Gia truyền đấu sĩ mà muốn làm mỹ nữ ba lê. Có gì đâu! Công túa múa trên banh của Rạp Xiếc Thú Dị 🎪.

Kenny Kittycat rope

  • Material: satin
    Measures: 5.5 x 95cm | As this piece is handmade, the dimensions indicated may vary. The colours might be different due to different lighting & monitor.
    Care instructions:

    - Please try to avoid using too much force & heat so the quality can remain for a longer time.

    - Hand wash with cold water only. 

    - Preserve the beauty of your item by storing it flat and untied. If the product is wrinkled, please use iron with low heat/ or steam iron to flatten the item. 


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