Things we said give colours on them cheeks.

Things that we sneak to speak.

Things that hard to voice out loud.

Things everyone gets, yet no one says.

It’s okay, we art it out.

Communicate the awkward, the sensitive, the hard-to-say

with the language of colours,

of strokes and lines,

styles and graphics.

And turn them into the norm.

Có gì đâu! No big deal!

What are we? 


Những câu nói khiến người nghe đỏ mặt.

Vài vấn đề hổng ai tiện nói ra.

Có mấy chuyện sao mà khó quá ta.

Ai cũng hiểu, mà hổng ai chịu nói.

Ừ thì không nói có nsao đâu nà,

tụi mình dùng nghệ thuật thể hiện ra.

Từ chuyện thời tiết, chuyện xã hội,

chuyện “con gái người ta",

tới mấy chuyện cần “ai cũng phải nói".

Bình thường hóa những chủ đề đỏ mặt

thành chuyện nhỏ nhặt mình trao đổi hằng ngày.

Có gì đâu!

'Có gì đâu' là cái gì đây?


How we do this


We believe art makes a difference in our lives and in the world. We express our opinions about what we care through art; currently through art gifts & merchandise as fashion items.


In the future, we want to do so much more than that. Designing and constructing exhibitions, leading art-making programs and other art activities are what we would love to do. Any supports from you are our motivation to keep this project growing. 

Our story


This creative project is originated from Trang, Co Gi Dau’s founder. She has been working in advertising industry in Vietnam and London, England. Following the brand guideline is quite critical in advertising work and she wants to do something more personal.


Founded in November 2020, Co Gi Dau is Trang’s effort to use art to spread positive vibes and express her opinions about the world we’re living in. With supports from her colleagues & friends, Trang hope to grow Co Gi Dau not just as a one-person-project.


We celebrate creativity and openness & aim to be a place where diverse cultural, artistic, and social positions are welcome.

We hope you will join us in exploring the art, ideas, and issues of our time.


Our team


Đài Trang (Venice), Founder


Dai Trang has been practicing in creative industry since she took her BA degree in Communication & Multimedia in 2015. During university time, she was professionally trained in Graphic Design & Advertising. Dai Trang has explored and worked in many disciplines, mostly as an Art Director, at global advertising agencies.


Whilst pursuing her Masters in Design in England, she has also enhanced her visual thinking & gained more experiences as a creative worker in multicultural environments in London. Dai Trang still enjoys being a visual storyteller in HCMC currently. 

​Her personal work: www.daitrangng.com


Vincent Vu,

Art Director & Motion graphic Designer

Starting in advertising industry 4 years ago, Vincent has always wanted to shorten the gap between generations. He does not only uses letters and simple lines to express the subject but also moving images, repeatedly. 


Muse de Catto (Tồ), Accountant

She doesn’t trust creative people when it comes to math so she takes this position. Sometimes it creates some misunderstanding between our team

because her currency is pate.